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Tribute to Marena Sky Chief 1983-2011

Well a dear old friend has passed on.  I suppose it was to be expected, he was getting old but he was so well and so vibrant, it was a shock when he became sick in February and lost weight so dramatically.

On the morning of 6th April 2011 he was down in the stable and unable to get up without assistance – it was with horror that we realised that his hind leg was broken.  He was bright and still interested in everything.

He tried to walk but he could not bear weight on his injured leg, try as he may.  There was no “give up” in Sky, right to the end.

How shall we remember him?  A perfect gentleman; a Champion: a pre-potent sire; a kindly ride for any nervous child, a friend of every horse, foal and person?  “He is a lover, not a fighter,” Lindy used to say.

He will be thought of with the pleasure of memory and a tear in the eye by everybody that ever knew him.

God bless you Sky, it was a privilege, an honour and a pleasure to have bred and owned you.

Maureen Walker

A wonderful and placid pony under saddle, Marena Sky Chief has consistently produced excellent ridden ponies for children that can win at the top echelon of the show world.

His progeny have won in Hacking, Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Endurance, Sporting, and Pony Club events. His progeny have proved to be exceptionally skilled jumpers.

Marena Sky Chief 20 Years Old
Marena Sky Chief won Champion Stallion at the NSW Australian Saddle Pony Show at 21 years of age.

Supreme Champion at Brisbane Royal 1993 and Champion Ridden Stallion at Melbourne Royal and Canberra Royals.

Sky Chief has the unique achievement of winning both the led and ridden classes at Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra Royal Shows.

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Sky Chief's Progeny

Marena Maxina
Marena Maxina - Champ. Pony Hack
at Brisbane Royal 1996,
Champ. Mare NSW Riding Pony Show '96 & '97.

Marena Skylights
Marena Skylights - Royal Champion at Sydney '01, '02, Brisbane '01 & Canberra '01.  At Sydney in '02 she won first in 3 separate rings - APSB,  ARP and ASP plus 2 Champions & a Supreme.

Marena Twilights
Marena Twilights - Champ. or Res. at Sydney Royals '08, '09, '10 & Canberra Royal '09, '10, '11.

Marena Sky Glow
Marena Sky Glow
First at Sydney Royal Pony Hack as 3yo, and big winner led & ridden at Agricultural Shows.

Marena Gala Chief
Marena Gala Chief -
at EA Vic HOTY March 2011.
Runner up Newcomer at EA Vic state titles 2009Won Open Ridden Show Hunter at Hobart Royal 2010, & Intermediate Turnout,
He made top 10 at 3 HOTY Shows this season

Marena Sweet Kiss
Marena Sweet Kiss - a prolific winner in led & ridden classes including Supreme Ridden All Breeds National Stud Show 1994 (at 4yo).
A consistent mount for little children
over a 15 year period.

Marena Blue Skies
Marena Blue Skies
A beautiful mare we won many Champions with then sold to a girl to show and Pony Club.

Marena Gala Skies colt
Marena Gala Sky as a foal.
Sold to Melinda Parbery (nee Burgess), now a successful Dressage pony.

Marena Twilights
 Keeley, 5yo, on Marena Twilights led by Lindy, won the Best Rider under Seven Years to Be Led at Canberra 2011 from a class of over 20 little ones.

Marena Pageant
Marena Pageant
Record priced APSB Colt.
He was gelded and became a reliable and versatile mount for children at shows & Pony Club.

Marena Amber Sky
Marena Amber Sky
Was exported to Hong Kong where she had plenty of scope to show her jumping ability. 
Eventing here ridden by Zoe Davis.

Marena Night Sky
Marena Night Sky -
Barostoc Performance Pony of the Year 2009
Top performer in Showing, Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing, Games 
& hooning around the paddocks.

Marena Silver Sky
Silver Sky Gum
A good all-rounder, successful in Jumping, Eventing and Endurance.

Marena Silverman
Marena Silverman
A spectacular pony jumper that took on all the big horses in South Australia.

Marena Stormy Lass
Brooke Higgins, 8yo on Marena Stormy Lass -  Darling Downs Showjumping Champs July, 2003.

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