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These gentlemen have contributed to the making of the Marena "look"


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CEDAR LODGE KONRAD - 11.2 hh,  Brown  (Died. 2013)
Reg. Aust. Pony Stud Book, App Riding Pony, Aust. Saddle Pony.

Sire: Larkhill Kasper (Ardnadreen Mr Jim)
Jananzarie Lonicera

Specially selected for his conformation, type and because in a cross-breeding programme a small pony is needed for size and pony characteristics. He has proved ideal on all counts.

His foals are excellent types and are elegant, see Marena Sunline (pictured right) now one of our broodmares.

An ideal sire for Leading Rein, First Ridden Ponies & Pony Hacks.

Winner of 34 Supreme Champion Breed and Open Awards.


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Cedar Lodge Konrad

Marena Sunline -
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KOLBEACH SCANDAL  - 13.1 hands, Bay
RPSB, ASP, Part Welsh

Sire:  Camargue Tribute (imp) is the well known sire of many winners in the UK and Australia.  His Dam, Holly of Spring was four times Wembley winner and considered to be one the best ponies of all time.  She carries the Royal family of Riding Pony Bloodlines going back to Pretty Polly and Nazeel.

Dam: Helden Park Calendar Girl (Willowcroft Explorer / Callwala Gazelle) - a beautiful mare, Champion Pony Hack at Canberra, Adelaide and Melbourne Royals.

At left is one of Scandal's first foals,
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We gelded Scandal during 2013 and have begun preparing him for a life in the ring.

Photo by Coady Photography

MARENA SALUTE  - 16.2 hands, Mahogany Bay
Warmblood Stallion 1997

Sire: The outstanding Salute (imp)
Dam: Kinvagal by Wesuw (imp) from My Emma (TB)

Marena Salute is an up-standing talented individual that oozes quality and class, with a very trainable nature.  He is a correctly conformed, athletic, well coupled, and powerful animal with plenty of strong hard bone and good sound feet.  All are necessary for soundness and longevity in a competition and breeding horse.

Salute was sold as part of downsizing of our operations.

Marenas Salute

MARENA LEGENDE  - 14.1 hands, Chestnut
Reg.- Riding Pony and Aust. Stock Horse.

Sire: Sun Puff (imp) - (Bwlch Zephyr-Sun Sail)
Dam: Marena Caprice (Kalimah–Marena Cha Cha )

Legende is a full brother to the fabulous Marena Cadence, winner of 18 Royal Show Champions at Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth, in four seasons.

Marena Caprice was Royal Show Champion twice at Melbourne and Adelaide.

Marena Legende carries the concentrated blood of our most successful sire and female lines – Kalimah (progeny 51 Royal Champs), Sun Puff (imp) (progeny 41 Royal Champs), M. Cha Cha (progeny 37 Royal Champs), M. Caprice (progeny 20 Royal Champs), & M. Cadence (winner 18 Royal Champs), (pictured at right).

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Marena Legende
Marena Cadence

Marena Cadence -
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MARENA SKY CHIEF  - 13.2 hands, Grey, 1983-2011
Reg. Aust. Pony Stud Book, Aust. Saddle Pony and Approved Riding Pony.

Sire:  Baringa Silver Chief (Lowlynn Silver Chief)
Dam: Koorana Amber Sky (Barolyn Angwyn)

Pictured here as a younger horse at home.  At 20 years old he won Champion Stallion at the Australian Saddle Pony Show in 2004.

Supreme Champ. Led at Brisbane Royal; Champ. ridden at Melbourne and Canberra. winning both led and ridden at Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra Royals.

Sire of Marena Maxina Brisbane Champ Pony Hack and 4 times Champ NSW Riding Pony Show & twice Champ National Aust. Saddle Pony Show. Marena Skylights, (pictured right) Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra Champs; NSW Riding Pony Champ Show Pony Mare 2001; Supreme National ASP Show 2002; Three firsts, Two Champs and Supreme at Sydney Royal 2002, 1st & Res. Champion at Sydney 2003.

Click here to see >> Sky Chief's Progeny                  Click here to see his Tribute.

The ultimate sire of children’s ponies – sire Keeley Walker Johnson’s Marena twilights.

Marena Sky Chief in his prime

Marena Skylights -
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Champion Thoroughbred Stallion
Sydney Royal 2002

SHIFTING – 15.2 hands, 1994-2009

Reg. Thoroughbred, ASH, ARP, ANSA

Sire: Snaadee, prolific-son of Danzig (sire of Danehill) by Northern Dancer

Dam: Cousin Peg by Bletchingly.

Champion Sydney racehorse. Winner of 7 races after 4 years of racing he retired perfectly sound.

Superb temperament, conformation and movement.

Champion Stallion Sydney Royal 2000. He had raced the day before!

Champion Thoroughbred Stallion Sydney Royal 2002,Champion and Supreme ANSA Brisbane Royal 2002,Sydney Royal 2003 - Reserve Champion Thoroughbred Stallion and Reserve Champion ANSA Stallion.


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Shifting's Progeny

SUN PUFF (imp) - 14.2 hands – 1975-2001
Riding Pony and Australian Stock Horse
Bwlch Zephyr (Bwlch Valentino)    
Dam: Sun Sail (Harbour Pilot)

One of the most brilliant moving stallions to be imported into Australia. Superb movement, with the elegance and the refinement of true strength. Champion in Britain and Australia.

His progeny have won over 41 Royal Show Champs. so far including Marena Cadence (23 Royal Champs.) and Marena Windflower, five times Supreme Champion Sydney Royal and Supreme at the NSW Riding Pony Show, and also Marena Bolero, Marena Sundance, Weston Sun., Marena Ravel.

Sun Puffs sire Bwlch Zephyr was leading sire 9 consecutive years in Britain when succeeded by his son Bwlch Hill Wind. His dam, Sun Sail by the T.B. Harbour Pilot, won as a hack and was a good hunter - all her foals were winners.  Sun Puff’s grandam Sunshine was a great mare and all her stock were winners at major shows. Her sire, Potatoes, was a three-quarter Thoroughbred and was the sire of all the big winners of his day. 

Sun Puff (Imp)

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Weston Sun

WESTON SUN - 13.3 hands

Riding Pony, Aust. Saddle Pony
Sun Puff (imp.)  
Weston Model, won Royal Show Champions and Supreme both led and ridden.

A striking liver chestnut, he produces foals with beautiful heads and true Riding Pony type. Weston Sun has won led and ridden Stallion at Brisbane and Sydney in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 & 2000.  A Supreme Champion from Supreme Champion parents.

Weston Sun won Supreme Champion Aust. Saddle Pony Show 2000, Grand Champion NSW Riding Pony Show 1998, Best Ridden Pony Stallion Sydney Royal 1999 and Champions at Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne Royals. His progeny show exciting presence and trainability and are showing with success. Weston Sun was sold in 2000.  He won at Sydney and Adelaide 2001.

MARENA KARIOCA - Dark red chestnut, 14.1 hands, 1972-1999
Reg. Aust. Stock Horse

Sire: Kalimah     
Marena Cha Cha

The last son of the mighty Kalimah and from our most prolific female line.  Marena Karioca was the full brother to the dams of the winners of 34 Royal Show Champs!

He was a sire of top performance horses and Royal Show Champions including Marena Rain Dancer, Royal Champion  Marena Mystique (Launceston 1987, Hobart 1990, Tas. HOY), Marena Jasmine (Canberra Royal, ARP Show, Nat. Stud Show), Marena Kanella, Marena Kahli, etc.  Karioca is pictured here at 23 years old.

Marena Karioca


ALCIMASTER (imp NZ) - Black, 15.2 h, 1967-1991
Aust. Stud Book, Aust. Stock Horse, Riding Pony SB
Sire: Alcimedes        Dam: Giggles II

He had outstanding athletic ability, classical English beauty and sired many Royal winners for us including Marena Accent - Champion Mare and Supreme Champion A.S.H. Exhibit Sydney Royal 1994, National A.S.H. Champions, Champion Hack, Champion Mare and Supreme Led Exhibit, 1993. 1st in Open Galloway Hack at five consecutive Royal Shows.  Reserve Champion Brisbane 1995 & 1996, also Sydney 1996.  He also sired Royal Show Champions Marena Dance Master - W.A. H.O.Y., Marena Charleston, Marena Fame, Marena Storm Master, Marena Destiny, Marena Curiosity and Marena Greyling - P.C.A. Show Jumping champion.

BARINGA SILVER CHIEF - 13.1 hh, 1958-1987
Aust. Pony Stud Book & App. Riding Pony
Sire: Lowlynn Silver Chief      Dam: Judy Garland

We were fortunate indeed to find this lovely pony late in his life, he only left 5 ponies for us which included his wonder son Marena Sky Chief - Champion Led & Ridden at Royal Shows including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Canberra. Also sired Marena All My Love, dam of the all-winning Marena Sweet Kiss.  We bred from the four fillies with Great success.

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Baringa Silver Chief

Mr Folly of Kirkwood

MR. FOLLY OF KIRKWOOD (NZ) - 12.2 hands, Born 1979
Riding Pony, Aust. Saddle Pony
Sire: Asplen Aladdin's Legend     Dam: Pine Lea Summer Folly

Champion Ridden Stallion at Melbourne Royal 3 times and Champion Led Stallion and Supreme Ridden Pony at NSW Riding Pony Shows.

Sire of - Marena Amber Folly  H.O.Y. Small Pony of the Year 1993 and 1994, Grand National Champion Small Pony Hack 1993, 1994, 1995 under English judges and so on. Marena Dance Folly - Qld Pony of the Year 1993, twice Reserve Champion Pony Hack at Brisbane Royal.

JEDDA PARK LITTLE SUNRAY  - 11.1 hands, Died 1992
Reg. Palomino and Aust. Saddle Pony

A power packed bundle of talent this pony has won countless led, hack harness, jumping, sporting events against horses of all sizes and he was Champion Palomino Stallion at Sydney Royal in 1977.

Sire of many Royal winners including the great little mare Marena Stardust - 9 Royal Hack firsts, Marena Star Bright, Marena Starlight, Marena Gold Dust, etc.

Jedd Park Little Sunray


KALIMAH - The Versatile One, 15.3 hands, 1951-1975
Aust. Stud Book & Aust. Stock Horse
Sire: Hyperio (imp) by Hyperion     Dam: Glen Vera

Pictured here doing a fast turn, ridden by Maureen Walker.

Our foundation sire - The horse history will remember and a legend in his time.  Successful racehorse, show horse, campdrafter and sire of champions. A winner in all fields he entered and he produced winning horses in all fields.  His progeny produced 51 Royal Show Champions. Sire of Royal Show Champions, Katy Bar - 3 times Sydney, Marena Caprice - Adelaide & Melbourne, Marena Mayflower Champion Sydney & Brisbane, Qld. P.O.Y. twice NSW P.O.Y. & the first Australian Pony of the Year

His influence is very strong at the Stud to this day even though he died in 1975.

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