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Bruce Walker - Australian Bush Poet

Bruce in NZBruce Walker, horseman, cattleman, bushman, truck driver, mechanic, sawmiller, log cutter, poet - POET! Yes, poet, many people do not know that Bruce Walker is a talented bush poet whose stories in poetry fascinate and entertain his listeners, young and old.

A few laughs, a few tears, a few stories of the past all are woven into the rich fabric of verse in his poetry book "On The Spur Of The Moment".

The exciting ride on his brown mare “ Rani“, chasing a murderous dingo, thrills and touches the horse lover; lots of laughs in “The Man From Yango Creek“ – a bushman skiing the snowy slopes for the first time, and few eyes are dry when they hear Bruce’s poem “Danny“, which starts off.
“Have you ever had the dreadful job of shooting your old horse?“

There are some interesting and nostalgic trips back in time to the old days and old ways with “Tall Timbers“, “Wallarobba“ and “Ourimbah Timber Town“.

 Modern times are not forgotten either with the contemporary poems  "Multicultural?“,  "The Big Ring “, "The Show Goes On“ and  "The Blue Ute “ - all capture the spirit of Australia today. There is something in this book for everyone.

The foreword was written by R.M. Williams who said:- "Those who know the outback will appreciate his (Bruce’s) efforts to express the spirit of the land and our people.“

The introduction is by Gabi Hollows who has been friends with the Walkers since they taught her to ride when she joined Tall Timbers Pony Club at eight years old.  She stayed on riding until she became an Instructor for that Club.

Gabi said:- “I grew up with Bruce Walker’s wondrous bush poetry.  It is about time he was discovered by more Australians.“

Glowing comments on the book have been made also by such well-known personalities as:-

  • Gina Jeffreys, award winning country music singer,

  • Alan Jones, journalist, star of Television and Radio

  • Ken Sparkes – the golden voice on national TV and Radio whom said :-
    “Thank goodness Bruce Walker has given us this breath of fresh air, complete with the eucalyptus.  We can now all enjoy a yarn or two,
    “On The Spur Of The Moment .“

Bruce going fencing at Yango
Bruce leading Penny and with dog Scamp going fencing at Yango. In the back country fencing materials had to be transported by pack horse  through the rugged terrain.

Old Bark hut at Yango
As no one had lived at Big Yango for 26 years there were no fences or buildings except the original three room slab bark hut.  Well over 100 years old it was in fairly good condition, there were only two leaks in the roof.  One over the kitchen table and one over the middle of the double iron bedstead.  Unfortunately the hut was burnt in a bushfire a few years later.

Walker Family on Parade - Wyong Show 1968
on Danny Boy, Peter on Daybreak, Brad on Jumbo, Lindy on Mitzi and Maureen on Nareda at Wyong Show, 1968.
The poem about Danny will touch your heart.

Dave Walker's Bullock team - pulling a new Boiler for the swamil Steam Engine

Dave Walker's Bullock team hauling the Boiler from the Ourimbah Creek Sawmill to the new mill at Mangrove Creek to power the new Mill's Steam engine in 1929.  Dave was a great storyteller of old and Bruce has immortalised many of these stories in his book.  It is a living history of those olden days and a time on a property where it seemed that time had stood still.  Bruce leaves you wondering about this bullock team  in the poem "Wallarobba."

The Yango Homestead and Sheds.  Bruce and his father Dave bought the property "Big Yango" in 1950.  Nobody had lived there for 26 years.  Bruce, Maureen and baby Peter, three weeks old, went there to live in 1957.  Brad and Lindy were born and raised there also.  Many of Bruce's poems are about his experiences in this hidden part of Australia. 
It was in this valley that the exciting ride on Rani took place.


On the Spur of the Moment

A coffee table edition to grace your home and delight your friends

Forty poems by Bruce Walker and 30 original drawings that capture the spirit of Australia - past and present.
Laugh a little, cry a little, wonder a little but enjoy it all.
Young or old, there is something for everyone.

If you need a present for someone who has everything, or used to live in the country, lives overseas or loves tales of times gone by – remember Bruce Walker’s Australian Bush Poetry book “On the Spur of the Moment”.  Many horse people are familiar with Bruce Walker’s poems having heard him recite at many a Show.

It is full of interest for young and old with poems and stories of Bruce’s past experiences & stories told to him by his father.  Some stories will have you laughing, some will make you think, some are a little sad but all will fascinate and entertain you.

Experience the thrill of a headlong gallop down the mountainside, the sadness of losing your four-legged friend, the wonder of yesteryear with its history and amusing tales. Laugh at the dog in the sawmill and a bushman's first attempt at snow skiing.

If you are young or old, this is an ideal present; there is something in this book for everybody, with poems and the stories behind them and several beautiful original drawings that capture the spirit of adventure.

When you purchase this Australian Bush Poetry book by Bruce Walker  your copy will be autographed by Bruce.
If you wish to send us some details, he will personalise a greeting for you or the lucky recipient of this fine gift.

 Cover of "On the Spur of the Moment"


On The Spur of the Moment


"I believe that Bruce is one of Australia’s most talented Bush Poets.”                      Gabi Hollows
                              Director – The Fred Hollows Foundation

"Every young poet has a place in this wide land to tell his story about the bush, about our people, it is one way to express our feelings.  Bruce has done it well."
                                  R.M. Williams

 “Bruce Walker’s poems remind me so much of when I was a kid growing up in Toowoomba.  My dad used to fascinate us with stories of when he worked as a builder out in the backblocks of Queensland.”                Gina Jeffreys - Singer

 “In ‘Multicultural’, Bruce creates a pithy, vigorous and charming portrayal of the rich ethnic tapestry which makes the fabric of modern Australia.”
                                            Alan Jones - Broadcaster

The Introduction was written by Gabi Hollows and
the Foreword by R.M. Williams,
who sadly passed away aged 95 on 4th November, 2003.

It is a beautiful hardcover book bound in the traditional manner with a linen cover, gold embossed and lovely illustrations by John Flakelar & Margaret Grant.

A delightful small Coffee Table volume.

Copies can be bought from R.M. Williams stores


Contact us to get your Autographed copies.

Send us some message details and Bruce will personalise the greeting for you or the lucky recipient of this fine gift

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