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Baby News - Lindy is enjoying life with her new baby, Luke very much. She was five days in hospital and they came home on Friday 20th June.

On Saturday, Lindy, brother Peter & I went with Luke to help her do some shopping.  Then on the Sunday there was a Clearing Sale on a farm, which of course we had to attend.  So off we went again with Bruce also to help with the baby sitting.  We had a great day and bought lots of "Treasures" and again Luke was a model child.

On Monday we were off to Sydney for our regular visit to the Osteopath and off course Luke came too.  I guess by then Luke knew he was in a family that was on the go.

During the School holidays we have had our usual three-day schools so Luke sleeps in the car or helps teach from his pram.

A special Thank-you to all the people who sent messages to Lindy, Shaun, Bruce & I on the arrival of Luke Bruce Johnson.                                                   


Surprise !!! - The family took Bruce & I for a quiet dinner to celebrate our 70th birthdays.  We walked into the Dinning Room of the lovely Strathavon Heritage Resort in Wyong.   Suddenly the lights all went on and we found a sea of faces, the echoes of "Surprise!!" all around us.  Nearly a hundred of our friends from all around the country, young and old,  had come to help us celebrate.  Bruce and I were dumbfounded as it would appear that everyone at Sydney Royal knew about the Surprise Party as well as people in other states but it was a complete and utter surprise to us.  What a wonderful and heart warming night it was.  The family had booked the honeymoon suite and we had breakfast overlooking the tranquil Wyong river the next morning.

Fran Huerlimann - That jet-setting "Swiss Miss" was back again to visit us & ride some horses again in June for a month, then it was back to her nursing studies in Switzerland.

Brisbane Royal - We did not enter for Brisbane this year, with a little regret as we have attended 31 consecutive Brisbane Royals, one of our favourite shows. However we will have a couple of our pupils, Jodi & Ben Maytom there to keep up the good work.  These two children continue their success both in riding and hacking and also in Campdrafting.

The Stud Season will soon be on us and bookings are being taken for the four stallions we are standing.  Out Thoroughbred stallion, Shifting's first foals born in 2002 are very pleasing.  They look just like him and are possibly the quietest foals we have ever bred. Go to our Stallions page to see the details and photos of the foals.  A colour brochure on the Stud activities and the Stallions is available - Please phone for a copy.

Clearance Sale - Our recent sale is finished but we will have more young horses available in the Spring.

As Lindy, at this point, wants to concentrate on her family, we are down-sizing, and more horses and a section of our property will be for sale soon.  We will not be moving.

Kindest regards & good luck with your horses
Maureen Walker

Quote of the Month  - "What is easy is seldom excellent"


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