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July, 2005

Once again it has been a long time since we posted any News on the Internet - our son, Peter, who does our website has been working away AGAIN, commissioning Power Station projects.  He is home now, albeit briefly hence the quick update before he flies to Los Angeles for more work!


"I See Stars" Sale

Many of the horses in the Catalogue have been sold, some have moved into further training or being broken-in.

Please call us with your needs and we will do the very best to find you the horse you desire.

Most of our first Shifting 2-year olds have been sold but their are two fillies left - one that should make a great show prospect and Dressage horse and the other a top show galloway.

The Shifting progeny that have been broken-in were quick to learn and very quiet with quite fantastic, effortless movement.

We have sold all the 2003 & 2004 foals!

If you wish to have a look at the horses in the catalogue, Click here to download.


Seduction Champion RiddenSeduction in led classAnna Scanlon's horse, Westward Seduction competes in Led - Galloway, Aust. Saddle Pony, Riding Pony, Welsh, and ridden Galloway classes.  Whilst she has been with us since April 2004 she has won 16 Champions (incl. Supremes) at nine shows.
Seduction is pictured at left with a ridden Supreme Champion at Blacktown and at right being led at a show, on both occasions by Lindy.


Fran's Wedding

We were thrilled to receive an invitation to Fran Hürlimann's wedding in Switzerland.  Bruce, son Peter, Lindy and her children (Luke - 2 years and Keeley - 6 weeks) were all booked to go.  Unfortunately Keeley had bouts of sickness in the first few weeks after her birth.  It was decided unwise for her to travel so only Bruce, Peter & I ended up going.

Many people will remember Fran who came to Australia as an exchange student.  She rode a bike 15 miles (24km) to meet us to see if she could ride with us - and we were away!  So she had to come back again.  There started our relationship and friendship that lasted out her Australian stay.

When she went home she said to her mother, Heidy, she HAD to come back, and so back she came to stay with us for another three months.

She went to all the shows with us, including Sydney & Brisbane Royals - a similar experience was not available to her in Switzerland.

In Switzerland, the three of us were able to enjoyed many a spectacular trip to see the scenery by train, car & bus - planned by Fran and her new husband, Lucas, who is a Mountain Guide for skiing, mountaineering and climbing.

For the wedding, we all stayed in a hotel in the small town of Meiringen.  On the day the guests gathered at the Railway Station and waited for the Bride to arrive.  The bride, groom & bridesmaid walked down the road towards us in the traditional Swiss way.  Fran looking a picture in her classic white wedding dress and beautiful hair-do framing her lovely, glowing face.

We all piled into 3 minibuses and set-off for the mountains, climbing to the upland valleys where cows grazed among carpets of Swiss late-spring flowers.

Half-way we stopped at an ancient cow barn, that is also used for cheese making, for aperitifs.  There were smokey beams dark with the ages, an open fire place where the milk is warmed in a big pan hanging on a chain over a slow fire to start the cheese-making process.  Another room held the racks of cheeses in various stages of curing.

We were served Italian wines, 2-year old cheese and "brot" (the inevitable bread that is eaten widely in many different forms in Swiss homes).Frans Wedding Photo

The ceremony was performed and the pledges made in the open with the snow-capped mountains and a glacier in the background.  A Swiss piper played a gigantic Swiss Horn to welcome the couple & entertain the guests.  Bruce was invited to try the 4 metre long horn and, being "an old bushy" from way back that had played a note on more than one old bull's horn, he made quite a credible tune come from it.  He was applauded warmly and someone sung out "He is Swiss".

On board the buses again we continued to wind our way upwards amongst the tiny farms and cow sheds where time stood still and the musical notes of the cow bells rang in the crystal clear air.  We walked the last few hundred metres to a mountain hut, high up, surrounded by the craggy snow-covered mountains, with a view of The Eiger.

A typical 4-course meal followed with the guests telling stories of the couples' lives that caused much laughter - we enjoyed it immensely even though we did not understand a word!  There was also entertainment for the guests - pipe playing, singing, fire chains, fire eating.  Bruce even sang an Australian song, "The Old Bullock Dray", which thrilled everybody, even though most did not understand a word!

In the dessert course they even served Pavlova in honour of their Australian visitors.  The buses took back to the hotel those of us who wanted comfort whilst the younger folk stayed in the mountain hut for the night.

We all met again in the hotel in the morning for breakfast before saying a joyful farewell to our new Swiss friends, many of whom we could only talk to through nods, smiles & gestures and an odd word someone knew.

It was a wonderful trip to a beautiful country.

Kindest regards & good luck with your horses
Maureen Walker

Quote of the Month  -  "Horse Sense is what horses have that makes them not bet on people."


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