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The big news is that Marena Stud is downsizing.  Because Lindy now has lovely Luke and wants to have another baby in the near future we are "tailoring our garment to suit the cloth." 

We sold some of our property this year and we will be soon offering for sale 30 acres of our river flat where we normally raise our fillies.  This means some of our most precious young females must go.  See our Spring Clearance Catalogue or contact us by phone for a copy.

The other momentous decision was to reduce our Stallion strength.  Could we sell darling Sky Chief?  No, he is now too old and we NEED him.  What about Cedar Park Konrad?  No,  we need him to breed small ponies.  Well, what about "Last to come, First to go" - our new stallion Shifting?  No, we need him for breeding bigger horses and to infuse more Thoroughbred blood into our horses.

So Marena Legende - bred to preserve our most precious breeding of all our great champions - sadly it became apparent that he was the one to go because the mares selected for our breeding herd were carrying the same blood as he was.  Details of Legende can be found in our Spring Clearance Catalogue.

Our Plans for the Future

Because of our changed family circumstances we will be still breeding horses but in less numbers than before, and selling the progeny as young ones rather than keeping them on and breaking & training them as in the past.  Our stallions will still stand to the Public and our riding tuition, schools and Horsemanship Classes will continue as usual.

Baby News - Luke, almost 5 months old, is growing quickly and becoming lots of fun. 

The photos show Lindy, Shaun & Luke Johnson at his Christening, held before Lindy's brothers Peter and Brad Walker took off overseas to work in Noumea and Germany respectively.



Brisbane Royal - We did not enter for Brisbane this year, with a little regret as we have attended 31 consecutive Brisbane Royals, one of our favourite shows. However we had a couple of our pupils, Jodi & Ben Maytom there to keep up the good work.  Details of their successes will be on the web soon.

The Stud Season is on us and bookings are being taken for the four stallions we are standing.  Our Thoroughbred stallion, Shifting's foals born in 2002 and 2003 are very pleasing.  They look just like him and are possibly the quietest foals we have ever bred. Go to our Stallions page to see the details and photos of the foals.  A colour brochure on the Stud activities and the Stallions is available - Please phone for a copy.

Clearance Sale - We are having sale, with many wonderful young horses available. Contact us for a copy of the Catalogue or follow the Link to the Clearance Sale.

Special Christmas Offer - Check out Bruce's Australian Bush Poetry - On The Spur of the Moment  

Kindest regards & good luck with your horses
Maureen Walker

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