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Christmas, 2006

The year in Review

As 2006 draws to an end, not only do we think how quickly the year goes but it is a time for reflection of what we have achieved.  The main aim for the year was to facilitate Bruce’s and my retirement by cutting down the size of our operation so that Lindy could manage it with a minimum of help from us– It has been a time of change for Marena Stud.

In January we had a most successful Clearance Sale and we were thrilled that the horses went to wonderful homes.  The Stud has only eight broodmares now and some young fillies on hand for future sale.

We kept our wonderful school horses and with lessons constantly increasing in number, things are still very busy at Marena Stud.  One of my main aims in life has been to bring to the joy of riding to as many children and adults as I could.  We hope to continue to produce good young riders that will go on to be good adult riders in many different fields in the future.

For a period we had to cut down on the training of outside horses but we are taking horses in for training again in the New Year, though numbers will be limited.

The Show Team has limited its outings as planned this year but excellent success was enjoyed at Canberra Royal by the Evans family from Bowral, Kath Jones new horse, Lord Nelson and with Marena Fanfare winning Champion Show Hunter.  This lovely animal has had 100% success in his Show Hunter classes this year.

We have decided to sell Fanfare, even though he wins lots for us, to make room in our programme to bring in and to train a youngster.  He has been advertised for sale and goes with the Stud’s recommendations in every way.  He is an absolutely “No Fuss” horse to show.  Quiet, suitable for anyone to ride and show but has top quality looks and the outstanding movement of his sire, “Sun Puff”.

In April, Bruce and I had five weeks overseas with Rob and Pauline Fredericks of Perth when we visited their son, Clayton, in England.  We all fitted in a trip to Lexington, Kentucky for Horse Trials also.  This trip meant that Bruce and I missed Sydney Royal for the first time in 43 years.  However our team were still there flying the Marena Stud flag.

Sale of our Land

The 30 acres of alluvial land that we had for sale, has been sold – with the best possible outcome.

Marena Legende – Withdrawn from Sale

Legende has been withdrawn from sale – he is still available to breeders for a Service Fee of $660.  We would be happy to consider an application from a suitable stud to have the use of him for a period of time – to stand at stud and to show if they so wished.  Interested parties, please contact me.

What has been happening?

Missing form our happy crew for the past few weeks was popular Kristie Nichols.  Kristie has had indifferent health for few months now and on medical advice is taking a break.  All at Marena Stud, our pupils and staff, wish her well and hope to see her back in the New Year, rearing to go!

The spring had bought us six new foals, how lovely it is to see another group of foals playing in the paddocks – which of these will be future Royal Show Champions – it is always fun to try to pick them at this young age. There are lots of visiting mares to our stallions so the stud work has been demanding.

Our attendance at shows this year has been curtailed to ease up the pressure on all concerned.  I stay home and mind Keeley and Luke but sometimes one of them goes too.  Luke likes best sitting up beside his mother in the horse truck on the way to the show.

The Marena team have been doing some shows in the last couple of months to gain performances and with our clients we have made entries for 2007 Canberra and Sydney Royals.

During September, at the World Equestrian Games, Clayton Fredericks on Ben Along Time came second to Zara Phillips, the Queen's granddaughter.

The Marfleet family - Amanda, Freddie and Kate - have settled into their new life in England.  Of course Amanda had to return to Australia to travel with the horses when they flew to their new home.  Kate is back into competition and was recently selected in the young riders team to compete in the European Dressage Championships.

Fortunately we have three new members of our staff, Debbie Thompson, Aja O’Keefe and Michael Holding, who greatly assist Lindy in running of the Stud.  Michael Holding, who comes from a small town near Christchurch, NZ, is an experienced rider in all sorts of fields and has joined our regular show team.

Lindy hurt her back in October and was unable to ride for a few weeks but it is fine now.  It was unfortunate that this injury forced her to have to withdraw Marena Fanfare from the Horse of the Year when he had such a wonderful winning streak in the last few months.

Melbourne Royal

Lindy thoroughly enjoyed judging at Melbourne Royal in September.  She took Luke (3yo) and Keeley (1yo) with her - Kristie Nichols accompanied them to help.  It was great to catch up with the Melbourne people as we have not competed at Melbourne Royal for some years.

We miss that time down there however Lindy did remark that nothing changes in some ways – people still speculate which horse the judge will put up (“They’re friends you know!” or similar remarks are repeated from one to another).  The outside pressure builds up as it is repeated, gathering strength on the way.  It takes a strong judge not to be consciously or unconsciously influenced by the gossip (Yes, it does get back to the judge!), sometimes to the detriment of a good horse or rider who may have won.

Neither Lindy nor I are affected by this thoughtless gossip so it a waste of time to speculate ahead of time because we will both judge what we see at the time – no more and no less.  As to favouring your friends – Lindy and I count our friends in the show world by the dozens – there would not be enough first ribbons to go around!

All I have ever done when judging is to make the best judgement I can on what I see and hope that my friends (and my enemies) see it for what it is – a fair and considered judgement.  And Lindy is very definitely her own girl and is never influenced by friend or favour when she judges.


All at Marena Stud would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.  Thank you to the many people who have sent their best wishes to us and thank you all for your continued support over the years.  It has been very gratifying to read your wonderful comments about the horses we have bred.  It is no small achievement to maintain this standard of breeding for a period of over 45 years and we hope to continue to do so for years to come with Lindy at the helm.

Maureen Walker


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