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August, 2004

Over a two-year period we have been downsizing our Stud by private sales through these Catalogues and our Web Site as portions of our property have been sold.

Things change, as they must and, we hope, for the best.  The Marena horses have earned a well-deserved reputation over the years and our integrity in business means that over many years our horses have sold by our word of what they are.

The horses themselves have justifies this trust.  We wish to thank all our friends and buyers who, over the years, have bought and loved our horses.

If that sounds like a farewell speech, it is not.  Marena horses will go on, but not in as great a numbers.  The output each year will be much smaller but the quality will be in no way diminished.

The horses in this catalogue represent the last step in our planned Clearance; many are of our very valued stock.  And of course we offer for sale our wonderful stallion Marena Legende with the wish that he may introduce our best Marena bloodlines to some lucky Stud and a loving owner.

There are several exciting and experienced horses for sale as well as ones of various ages in the 2004 Spring Clearance Sale.



Congratulations to all the people who have purchased Marena horses from us of late.  Following are some of the happy faces that just gladden the heart.


Felicity Thomas of Glen Innes purchased Marena Blue Skies pictured here the day she rode her for the first time.  From all reports everything is going fine at her new home.  Blue Skies was one of our best performed horses from our show team.  She has been successful in Led and Ridden classes and has helped many of our pupils to start their show careers.  We wish Fiona lots of luck with her.




Conair - The perfect horse for a childThis is a picture of happiness!  Marena Conair has just arrived at his new home in Rockhampton, Queensland and it is clear this young lady fell in love with him.  Too bad - Conair was bought for her older sister, Farrah Jepperson.

Pictures like this make us very happy.  Conair is by our small stallion Cedar Lodge Konrad and from the mother of our outstanding pony Marena Skylights.

"Conair" was owned, trained and shown by Tanya Edwards with success - there was a tear in her eye as she watched the horse transport go down the driveway.


Another lovely young mare by Cedar Lodge Konrad has gone to Victoria to join Marena Amber Dream, by Marena Legende, in Trudi Jones' stable.


Marena Showgirl (Right) who was owned by the Anderson family of Matcham and shown by Ingrid Darlington for the last several months has been sold to Katie Quirk of Quirindi.  Ingrid, better known as "Bugsy" now has a new Galloway that she will show in the coming Show season.



Juliet Haddow is now the proud owner of Marena Night Sky and is performing dressage on her new acquisition in the picture on the left.




Nell Evans continues her run of successes.  At Sydney Royal on her mare, Thompsons Destiny, she won Champion Show Hunter Galloway under the English judge, Nigel Hollings - pictured at Left.

The other picture is Lindy Walker riding Nell's new horse Marena Memories, who Nell rode in her Riding class into the final eight.

Nell won Champion Hack at St. Ives Winter Show riding Memories herself (for the first time in a Hack class).  She also won Champion Rider at the same show, also on "Mem".

Picture courtesy of Horse Deals

Kath Jones is having a break from showing to devote time to her daughter who is doing her HSC next year.  Consequently Kath has reluctantly decided to sell her wonder-mare Vashti rather than waste her when someone else could have the benefit of this mare's great temperament and winning streak. 
See Horses For Sale.


With the pressure of the horse business and the demands Luke puts on us or perhaps we just got too weak, we did not go to Brisbane Royal after all.

I went to stay with my friend and ex-show rider, Fay Ross for a couple of weeks.  We both went to the Ekka on Thursday to see the Champion Hack judged.  There was an impressive line-up and Chris Lawrie riding "Crown" was Champion and Michael Christie riding "Flirting" was Reserve.  Well deserved wins they were too!

Seeing all our dear friends up there made me determined to overcome all obstacles in future to be there.  It is not the competing nor the winning of ribbons that counts ultimately, it is the people that compete at the shows that make the difference.


Lindy has had a busy year judging.  She judged the ASH National Championships at Narrabri in May and she & I are off to Adelaide Royal in August where she is judging the riding and I am the baby sitter.  She is also judging with Vince Corvi and Sally George in Victoria at the National EFA Hack Championship in December.



Luke had his first Birthday on 15th June, he continues to be a joy to all of us.  He began walking at 10 months and certainly keeps us busy now as he runs here, there and everywhere in his enthusiasm for adventure - hence the need for the Lunging Rein!  The whisper is that he has a sibling on the way!


Quote of the Month  -  "The reason opportunity is often missed is that it comes disguised as hard work"

Kindest regards & good luck with your horses
Maureen Walker


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