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October, 2012

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Our Upcoming Auction

Our Discount Sale of Horses finished on 31st August.  We wish to thank all the people in NSW and Queensland who purchased horses and wish them good luck with their choices.  We feel the horses all went to good homes and that each horse will be just right for their new owners.

From the new owner of Marena Flame - "He is such a kind boy; I really love him and can't wait to see what the future holds for him. Regards, Jo Cornale.

We have had lots of interest in our property but no sale as yet which means we are still carrying on our activities here as usual.  We are gearing up for an Auction Sale of our excess equipment, antique furniture, collectibles and are scheduling a Clearance Sale of Horses on Sunday 2nd December to clear the rest of the horses we are offering for sale.

In the meanwhile, as any of these horses are available for sale prior to the Auction, why not get the jump on the other buyers and contact us now to view and ride.  Details of these fine animals are in the Catalogue, however if you want to discuss any of the offerings in detail, please feel free to contact us either by email or phone.

To download a copy of our New Clearance Sale Catalogue, click on the link below......

NEW Clearance Auction Catalogue  (only 2.7MB)

or visit our Horses For Sale page for details of some of the Show Horses we have on the market.

The School Holidays have been very busy as usual with 2 Sport and Recreation Days, a One Day School and a Two Day School in the second week with lessons in between.

At right, three happy children at the Marena One Day School enjoying during the first week of the school holidays.

Luke is proudly showing off the new billycart that he and his grandad Bruce made the day before and sharing the fun with sister Keeley and Kristie Nichols little boy, Harry.  How our hearts filled with joy to see Harry back here again looking so well after his month in hospital fighting for his life to beat a serious infection.

These Schools are wonderful times for the children as they can test the skills they have learnt in lessons and learn a whole range of things that are not possible in day to day lessons.  Our Show pupils do so well that it may be thought that is our main focus which could not be further from the truth.  Our main aim is to teach the pupils to ride properly and safely and above all else enjoy themselves as they learn skills that will stand by them throughout their lives.  In fact only a very small proportion of our pupils engage in competition - most ride for pleasure only and the sense of achievement that doing something well can give.

Will Evans has just taken delivery of a new ASH, Terreli Soda Pop, purchased from Michael & Jan Wilson of Gunnedah.  They looked very suited for each other in their lesson here with Lindy on Saturday.  Will is thrilled with his young three year old gelding.

Nell Evans, just back from an exchange University course in the USA, is showing her new hack, DP Jeremiah.  Unfortunately Nell has a problem in one of her ankles that requires surgery very soon.  Lots of luck Nell, and a speedy recovery.

There was mild panic today when we realised that one of the young colts was in the yard with Marena Salute.  As the photo shows the boys were very happy together and there was need to worry as Salute was very gentle.


Looking forward to seeing you at our Sale on 2nd December,
Maureen Walker

Quote of the Month

“Open minds lead to open doors” - .



Trip to England

We arrived home from England just in time for our grandson’s Wedding.  Peter’s son Adam was married to Danielle Darcy on Saturday 22nd September 2012 and what a wonderful wedding it was a beautiful sunny spring day, and the joining of two soul mates.

Our trip to England was a great success, catching up with old friends, visiting the Para Olympics, attending a variety of horse events and hunting around antique shops in quaint villages.

 We stayed with the Marfleets, Freddy, Amanda and Kate in their lovely Georgian home in Kent, early parts of the house date back to the 1400’s, They are very gracious and generous hosts who welcome many visitors from Australia.

Kate is very busy with tertiary education at Cirencester and has given up Showing which has prompted Amanda to turn to another type of competition Trekking using Kate’s very successful show horse, Valentino.

The Trek competition is run over 2 days, the first involves map reading where the riders have to find their way around 20 kilometres or more of a set course across local fields and tracks.  There are check points, some hidden, and on strict times constraints to reach each section.  The second day the contestants have to negotiate a course of natural obstacles for points and on time.

One Trek we attended was on the ancient fields where Richard III fought the last significant battle of the War of The Roses.

Amanda had only done 4 Treks and at the last one before we left she won and qualified for the National Competition so her competitive spirit is alive and well.  It seems that show riders can excel in any horse sport, as so many of our past and present Olympians started out in Pony Club and the Showring

Amanda’s son James was married last year and this year was second son Tom’s turn. He married his long time sweetheart Nicky Robertson at a wonderful venue in the Cotswolds near Cirencester.  The two families spent the week-end in a splendid Georgian House which was a great idea for the two families to get to know each other.  At right is the wedding party - Bridesmaid, Kate Marfleet, and her Tom (L) & James with Bride, Nicky.

Things were much the same in the Marfleet estate – the lovely English garden, charming centuries old house, with horses, sheep, dogs (Amanda breeds Labradoodles), llamas (at right in her kitchen!!) and now has a Peppa Pig – a miniature pig that she leads around.





Keir - It was great to catch up with Kier Ferrie who has been in England for almost 3 years now.  She misses her riding very much and I think in the next couple of years we will see her back home again.
Pictured at left is Bruce with Kier. 

Para Olympics
Our trip, as usual, involved lots of horse activities, one of the highlights of our trip was attending the Para Olympics Dressage on a few occasions.  This was a moving experience both from the determination and courage of the athletes and the patience and kindness of those wonderful horses.  The standard of performance was very high.  It was a pleasure to see Hannah Dodd (pictured at right) ride and to chat to her later where she remembered her times with us at Three Day Schools when she was young.

English Shows
At Addington, which is a particularly beautiful  venue, we attended the British Championships Finals.  There were some excellent horses in the Small and Large Hack Classes very like the type of Hack seen in our showings.

Burghley with Clay Fredericks
I have always wanted to attend Burghley Three Day Event and was able to do so this trip.  It is enormous place with extensive gardens and woodland.  Clayton and Lucinda Fredericks were competing there and we caught Clayton’s Dressage phase on a new chestnut gelding.  During lunch with Clay (left) we caught up on his future plans.  He is going to coach in the USA and was establishing a training yard there as well as his one in England.  Clay has not changed one bit since he used to travel to Royal Shows with us in his teens.


It is certainly good to be home,
Maureen Walker

Quote of the Month

"Home is where the heart is." - Unknown.


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