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April, 2012

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We are moving on!

Everything is full on here at Marena Stud as we sort and pack 40 years of accumulated possessions.  Yes, on the 1st of August we will have been in the Yarramalong Valley at Wyong Creek for 40 years.  It will be a big wrench to leave this lovely property but it is time to move on to a smaller place and take things a little easier.  We would like to purchase locally if possible.

Things are very busy at Marena Stud with the race to get everything ready for the Sale.  The first Inspection is at 10-11 am on Saturday 21st April and each Saturday leading up to the on-site Auction on Saturday 19th May 2012 at 11:00 am.

Imagine the collections of “valuable” things we have gathered over 40 years! 

Which of our horses to sell will be the most difficult decision to make; as we plan to go to a much smaller property we will only be able to keep a few.  We will have to sell most of our Broodmares but a few of our favourites who are getting old now; will have to come with us; Lindy and Keeley’s horses and some of our school horses, etc. so we will have lots of horses needing new homes.

I am preparing a Catalogue of Horses for Sale, among which are our current show horse champions, Royal Show horses, children’s ponies, mares and youngsters.  Those that are not sold privately will go to Auction when we will have a Clearance Auction with furniture, collectables, antiques and horse gear for sale.

Please contact us if you would like details of the Reach for the Stars Clearance Sale.

We have lots of interesting things to sell. We even have one of the horse light displays from World Expo ’88 held in Brisbane - see picture either side.  This is an amazing feature standing on a high pole, when lit up and working with the trainer raising and lowering her whip and the two ponies rearing to her signals - it can be seen for miles.

Bruce’s treasured vintage 1966 Diamond T prime mover has already been sold – to one of the pupils Maureen and Bruce used to teach at Tall Timbers Pony Club 40 years ago – Barry Troy of Troy’s Haulage. This mighty truck was salvaged by Bruce from overgrowing scrub and restored by him and the Mill crew before flawlessly serving many years hauling logs out of the Ourimbah State Forest to Bruce's Sawmill at Ourimbah. We all hope Barry’s restoration of this magnificent old lady will bring him loads of joy.


Sydney Royal 2012

The Marena Team of horses are at Sydney with the Evans, Hooke, Hollows, Nichols and Talbot Families along with Lindy and Melissa, so they have a good group of helpers with them.  Keeley, Lindy’s daughter who is six years, is riding there for the first time.

On Friday, Lindy on Marena Outback and Keeley on Marena Twilights competed in the Parent and Child Riding class.  They were called in third, they worked really well and to our joy won first place - pictured at right.  It was a wonderful thrill for Lindy to win with her daughter and for me to see the next generation winning that particular class that Lindy and I had won years ago.

Then, on Sunday 15th, imagine how thrilled we were when Keeley, riding 13.2hh Marena Twilights, in the Childs Show Hunter to be Ridden by a Child 17 Years and Under was placed first.  What an amazing start to Keeley’s Sydney Royal career.  Pictured upper Left.

Other results include Marena Amber Wish ridden by Ellie Nichols won first in the Ridden ASP, second in the Led ASP Mare and third in the Open Pony Hack.  Sarah and Harriet Hooke won 2nd in the Led Galloway Mare and Reserve Champion with Sandown Musical Note, who also won 2nd in the Led Galloway Mare and 3rd in the ANSA Mare, this mare is a very consistent winner.  Harriet Hooke won 4th in both the Led and Ridden Arabian Derivative Mare on Sandown Matinee Idol.

The 2012 Sydney Royal Team
Thanks to you all for your help

Alexa Talbot proudly led Marena Amber Wish
in the Grand Parade

Bronte Talbot & Ellie Nichols
obviously enjoyed their Show!

National Pony of the Year 2012

We had a wonderful Show with many wins including Sarah and Harriet Hooke’s two mares winning, Sandown Musical Note was Champion and Sandown Matinee Idol was Reserve Champion Aust. Saddle Pony of the Year.  Idol also won the Ridden ASP of the Year.

Marena Amber Wish (at left and right) continued her winning run winning the Ridden Aust. Pony Stud Book / Riding Pony of the Year n/e 14.2 hh, Reserve Champion Ridden Show Hunter of the Year n/e 12 2 hh and 1st in the Led ASP Mare.

Marena Twilights was 1st in the Ridden APSB and 1st in the Ridden Part Welsh.








The Auction of the property is on-site at 11:00 am on Saturday 19th May 2012. 

Details can be found by calling Central Coast Select on 02 4325 8486 or visiting their website at

Inspections start on Saturday, 13th April between 10-11 o’clock and will be held each Saturday until the Auction, i.e. 28th April, 5th May, 12th May.


All the very best to all,

Maureen Walker


Quote of the Month

Today is my birthday and I have just read a quote that I think we should all listen to....

    "Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don't save it for a special occasion. Today is special."


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