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March, 2015

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“Over the last few years we have been reducing our numbers as planned towards a retirement for Bruce and myself.  Well that day has come.  After a lifetime of riding (I commenced at 3 years) and loving horses it is very hard to let go especially as I keep getting lots of ideas to breed better horses but as the saying goes, “The mind is strong but the body is weak”.

Those words were written 10 years ago and I have finally realised that I have too many things I want to do and too many ideas to put into practice to retire – I see horses and pupils going into the future just the way two mirrors reflect a never ending line.

That retirement is just not going to happen!

We are finally out of our Sunnyside Farm property.  The flagpole, the Marena Stud sign and the Statue were the last to go.  On Saturday 28th March we moved our horse statue and set it up on the new Stud property at 387 Yarramalong Road, Wyong Creek, certainly a symbolic gesture of moving on into the future.   Pictured at right are (L to R) Luke, Peter, Keeley, Lindy, Maureen & Bruce


Pictured at left is Harry Hatherley (Kristie’s four year old son) having his first lesson on that wonderful school pony Marena Goldmark who is 27 this spring. 

Agistment, riding lessons and clinics will continue as usual.  Our Riding Pony stallion, Kolbeach Royal Print, will still stand at stud.  We have retained broodmares and some show horses for Lindy, Keeley and our pupils to ride.

Sydney Royal - After competing for 54 consecutive years, sometimes with over 20 horses, it was with much disappointment we reluctantly withdrew our entries from Sydney Royal this year.  I first rode there when I was 5 years and completed each year until the Show was discontinued during WWII.  Then followed Teachers College, teaching, marriage, the move to Yango and children  before I started taking the stock horses to Shows and then Sydney Royal once more.

It is sad for us not to be at Sydney but necessary as we forge our life on the new property but we will be there in 2016.
At Right is Maureen (Simpson) pictured with Golden Rocket after winning Champion Lady Rider at Gosford Show when she was 16 y.o.

A special edition of the Australian Riding Pony magazine is being released for that Society’s 40th anniversary.  Apparently we have registered over 200 ponies with the ARP, which was quite a surprise to us because that number of registered horses does not include the foals we have registered with other Breed societies or the ones perhaps not registered at all.

Over the years we have bred Thoroughbreds, Australian Stock Horses, Riding Ponies, Australian Saddle Ponies, Australian Stud Book Ponies, Warmbloods, Palominos, and Miniatures.  From now on we are concentrating on our Stock Horses and ponies.  We have sold horses to all states of Australia and overseas to Malaysia, Japan, England, USA, NZ, Hong Kong, etc.

The year 2014 has been a defining year in some our client’s lives too.  The Talbots have sold their Wyong Creek property and now live in the Dooralong valley.  This year is Bronte’s Higher School Certificate year and she has been elected School Captain of the Lakes Grammar School.  She and Alexa have both grown so much they are progressing onto Hacks.

At Sydney Royal last Friday Bronte (pictured at Left) competed in the Junior Judges Competition and came 3rd.

The Evans’ have sold their property at Robinson and are moving onto a new property at Mittagong where, like us, they have to set up all new infrastructure and build a house.  Nell, however, found time to go to Robertson Show and not only won Champion Hack with DP Jeremiah, and Open Hack with Geisha, but was also crowned Miss Showgirl.  Well done Nell. 

Will has not had much time for riding as he has built himself a new house.  That is very well done Will!

Sarah Hooke has been very busy with her family and has also taken a break from showing. Look out 2016 – everybody will be back in action.

Lindy has been very busy with judging responsibilities at Melbourne Summer Royal, Canberra Royal, and National Pony of the Year Show.  She will also be judging in May at Australian Stock Horse National in Tamworth.

Luke and Keeley have settled in well to our new home on the Wyong River and are enjoying kayaking and swimming in the river.  They are enjoying the second year at Lakes Grammar School and recently both were awarded Certificates for their achievements for the term.  Keeley won for ‘Soul’ due to her participation in class, in school life and her compassion and help for others in need.  Luke won his Class 6 award for ‘Strength’ for his efforts and improvement in his school work this term.

We are particularly pleased with the home we found for Marena Amber Wish when we wanted to lease her.  We leased her to the Drynan Family of Queensland last year.  Charlotte and Harry are having a fun time and are having a very successful Show run with her.  She won Leading Rein Pony of the Year in Queensland and so competed at the recent at SIEC/Sydney.  Ridden by Harry Drynan and led by Ken.  Wish went Top Ten Grand National Leading Rein Pony.  Lindy, Kristie and I went down to see her and were very pleased with the condition she is being kept in.  Congratulations to the Team Drynan.

As we still have a lot of construction to do on our new Stud property, we have other horses that we are willing to lease to suitable homes.  We have a galloway and a pony and some fillies from 2 years on available.  If anyone is interested, please ring Lindy.

Jule Manolas of Yass with Marena Charade.  Charade was successful recently at the ACTDA Dressage Competition winning Official Preliminary Pony Championships.  We are always pleased to hear of progress of our Marena horses.   Charade is pictured at Right.

We are so pleased to receive news and photos of our horses from owners. Thank you for sending your messages.   Marena horses have maintained their consistent excellence over the years, we are still receiving news of our horses into their teens and twenties still making their owners happy. 

Surely one of the most loved and useful Marena ponies is Marena Concerto.  Purchased from us an unbroken 3 y.o. to Victoria, she was later sold to Sheila Bryant and spent many happy years winning ribbons for her daughter.  Concerto pictured at Left.

Lindy was recently in contact with Peta McMinn in Tasmania.  Peta spent some pleasant times with us. 
She said to Lindy “I still make my sandwiches the Marena way!”             Lindy said “How’s that?” 
Her answer was “Buttered right to the edges.”

Peta bought four of our horses who became Royal Show Champions and/or HOY winners - Marena Mystic, Marena Charleston, Marena Storm Master and Marena Accent.  Certainly I have been lucky over the years to have had some great experiences and happy times with so many horse people.

We are off to Melbourne this month to attend Bruce’s sister Beryl’s 90th birthday party who still plays tennis.

We began breeding horses in 1957.  As a child I had a dream – I am still living it!
At Right, Maureen with Wyong Show ribbons and sash from Sydney Royal.


Past Prime Minister, Malcolm Frazer, was well known for his words “Life was not meant to be easy!”
On his death recently it was interesting to hear the full quote for that one-liner.

 Quote of the Month
“Life was not meant to be easy,
 But take courage child,
 Because it can be delightful”

Love and best wishes,
Maureen Walker

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November, 2014

Marena Stud’s New Home is at 387 Yarramalong Road Wyong Creek.

You are quite right! -  we are almost in the same place - our address was 336 Yarramalong Road, so we are just down the road a little on the opposite side of Yarramalong Road, on a smaller parcel of land.

We were unable to find a property to suit our needs in the district and eventually purchased a cottage on the beautiful Wyong River and planned to develop our property at 387 Yarramalong Road as the Stud property.  

We have been so busy reducing our operation to pocket size -  not an easy job after 42 years of collecting and spreading.  We are most grateful to the new owners of Sunnyside Farm for their help and their patience over the difficult time of Bruce’s illness and this complicated transition to the new Marena Stud.

We are starting from scratch, building all the infrastructure of roads, electricity, water, stables and fences on our new Marena Stud, a rather daunting prospect.  The good news is that Bruce is so much better that he is doing the fencing ably assisted by son Peter Walker, Angus Jones, and new helper Chris Burrell.

We would like to thank Antony Joseph and Deena of Castle Personnel for their dedicated assistance over the last several months.

In fact, we have been so busy that Lindy and Keeley have not been able to compete any Shows since Sydney Royal.  Lindy is judging Melbourne Summer Royal, Canberra Royal and National Pony of the Year Show so will not be competing at any of these shows and, due to our policy if Lindy or I are judging, nor will any of our clients and pupils.

Coincidently, the Evans Family have sold their Robertson property and are frantically moving and building from scratch on their new property in the southern Highlands..

All riding lessons will be conducted on the new property from December 2014.  Ring Lindy for Bookings on 0418 433 710.  We will be having our usual Christmas  School and Break-up Party on  18th & 19th December   We are looking forward to a fine new start in 2015. 
Last regular lessons will be on 17th December, and regular lessons will recommence Tuesday 13th January, 2015.  Please talk to Lindy re lesson times to beat the heat over the Christmas break.

We will be holding a School in mid-January, possibly 16th &17th.  Please check with Lindy or watch our Newsletters for updates.  We expect bookings to be tight so please let us know of your interest.

Marena Stud Young Stock for Sale for Christmas - Our young stock are growing and a selection is ready for sale, from yearlings to 3 year olds, Show Horses and some broodmares so there is something for everybody just in time for Christmas. 

Contact Maureen or Lindy for full details of what is available.
Phone: +61 (0)2 4352 1707  Mobile: +61 (0)418 433 710 or +61 (0)400 551 403        E-mail:

The Spring has brought us five new foals. Gabi and Emma Hollows Thoroughbred/Aust. Stock Horse mare, Breezy Street was the first to foal, a lovely chestnut filly by Queensland Aust, Stock Horse stallion Ervine’s Rollex. Pictured at Right Maureen, Gabi, Breezy and her new born filly.

Emma who was based in San Francisco and has now moved to Malaysia, has not seen her foal yet and is looking forward to being home for Christmas, in the meantime Gabi is keeping her up to date with the foal’s progress in photos.

Marena Radiance, who is from Marena Accent, Supreme Champion ASH at Sydney Royal and ASH Nationals, also had a foal by Ervine’s Rollex.  A chestnut colt, with such a winning background we are expecting big things from him.  

Marena Moondance, who is a member of the Dance Family which has produced so many Royal Show Champion including Marena Mayflower, Marena Windflower, has a stunning dark brown filly foal which will go grey like her famous relatives.  By Kolbeach Royal Print.

Marena Mirage - pictured at Left with Marena Moonflower on right, foaled a chestnut colt by Kolbeach Royal Print.  This is Mirage's first foal and our last foal for 2014   Mirage is another daughter of Marena Accent's so has multi Royal Show Champions on both sides of her pedigree.

Kolbeach Royal Print - our resident stallion, has proved himself a remarkable sire, producing four seasons of foals for us with the mark of greatness on them and their temperament is superb.

One of his progeny, Marena Flame  (at Right) was bought by Jo Cornale of Queensland as youngster and broken in and shown by her 12 year old daughter Maddy with immediate success.  He was going to be put on the market as Maddy wanted to go campdrafting. She took Flame to a Team Penning day and he was brilliant so she is not going to sell him now.

Marena Amber Wish (at Left) currently being leased from Marena Stud by Ben & Megan Drynan for their children for Charlotte & Harrison to ride.

Amber Wish ridden by Harrison pictured at left after a successful day where they won Queensland Show Horse Council Leading Rein Pony of the Year.

From time to time Marena Stud has Show ponies for lease as well as Broodmares.  Please contact Lindy to see what is available for Lease or Sale.

Farm Clearance Auction - Our thanks go to Justin and Kerrin Rumore of Country to Coast Auctions for the help in running a successful Farm Clearance Sale for us on Sunday 22nd June 2014.

Antiques and Collectibles - We still have some items for sale that we did not have time to present at the Farm Clearance Auction including some very nice antiques and collectors’ items.  Contact us if you would like to look.

 60th Wedding Anniversary

Bruce and I will be celebrating our 60th Wedding Anniversary on 8th January 2015.  Our family are giving us a party on Saturday the 10th January.

Where did the time go?   It gets away and we still have so much to do.  I have spent my life teaching and enjoying my beautiful horses, Bruce has spent his with all things country, love of the bush, and has writing his poetry.

We have had a very fortunate life together with a loving, loyal family and many dear friends


Love and best wishes,
Maureen Walker

Quote of the Month -    "Do not regret growing older.
                                               It is a privilege denied to many."


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