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July, 2010

Sad News for Marena Stud

The news that the lovely pony, Marena Amber Folly, passed away recently will sadden horse lovers that remember her when she was in the show ring.  Amber was born at Marena Stud and spent her whole life here.  Following her brilliant career, she retired to stud and produced 10 foals in 13 years to various stallions of ours.  She will be sorely missed by all who have ridden her and known her.

For the full story click here - Vale Amber Folly

Andrea Evans out & aboutThe Evans Family

A trip down to the Evans Family home in the southern Highlands was a very pleasant break and Bruce, Maureen Lindy Luke and Keeley enjoyed their bountiful hospitality

Lindy gave Gary a riding lesson on his new Aust. Stockhorse, Flossie.  Yes Gary thought “Why should the young ones have all he fun?”  He has bought a new horse that is well trained and also very quiet to learn on, so look out; Gary will be in the ASH ring soon giving son Will and his horse Marena Heritage a run for their money.

Andrea also mounted up for a quick ride, she had been riding quite a bit but became too busy so now is the time to start again.

We are looking forward to both she and Gary competing in the upcoming Marena Show.

Will also had a riding lesson on his sister Nell’s horse, Guv (Marena Macquarie), which brings us to the other piece of news from the neck of the woods.  Nell Evans has broken her right foot and will be laid up for some time.Marena Trade Wind

New Horses

We have been very lucky to be given Marena Trade Wind (at right) to use as long as we like.  He is one of Marena Amber Folly’s many prizewinning foals and has been very successful for the Coggon’s Family of Queensland. 

Amanda Marfleet bought Trade in our “Reach for the Stars” Auction in 2006 prior to the family’s return to live in England. 

We are planning to show him along with our other new horse Marena Twilights in the spring.

Marena Stud Show

Each year we run a small show for our pupils with a wide variety of events to suit all ages and stages.  Mums and dads participate too so it is a fun day for all the family.  This year the Show is on Saturday, 17th July staring at 10:00am.

The pupils compete for ribbons, medallions prizes and trophies.  Some firms have generously provided prizes.
Stable 8 - 43534 848,
Emma’s Showhorses
- 0412-606 154,
Saddleworld Wyong
- 4353 1922,
Horseland Central Coast
- 43511833

Thank you very much for your help and it would be very nice if our pupils could support these businesses.

Garry Evans during on of his first lessonsParents Lessons

Many parents are now having lessons with us now so it will be fun to see them compete at the Marena Show.

Out latest enthusiasts include:
Andrea and Gary Evans ( left & right respectively) , Sharron Hodgetts, Karren & Jay Talbot, whose children have all been riding with us for some times now.  It's great to see the Dads being brave enough to have a go

Photo of Gary Evans, at right, during his second lesson.

Dr Britto on his visit to Marena StudVisitors from India

Jill Mathers, who lives in Wyong has written an interesting book about Australian Whalers, the horses that were exported overseas in their thousands for war and to India, in particular, for the army and to play polo.  During the war years their courage was to earn them the reputation of “the finest war horse in the world.”

Jill brought visitors from India to visit us to see the modern equivalent to the Waler, the Australian Stockhorse.  We show three types - the small one used mostly in hilly country, the middle sized weight carrying type and the big one mostly used on the plain country.  The Walers for the Army had to be big strong horses to carry a solder and all his battle kit whereas the polo one was more like the modern ASH.

Pictured at right is Dr John Britto, who is writing a book on the horses in India, holding Marena Faith, Marena Outback and Tocal Agile.

Amber Horses

With Marena Amber Folly gone it is nice to have one of her foals, Marena Trade Winds, to live with us for as long as we like. 

Another of her foals, Marena Flare (pictured at right), lives just up the road with the Coffey Family and has lessons and goes to shows with us. 

We are also lucky to have 3 of her fillies, one is in foal and two will be showing for us soon.

Her last "gift" to us, Marena Amber Gift is pictured at left, in 2009.



Good Luck to you all. 
Maureen Walker


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