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We receive a lot of correspondence from owners of our horses and pupils all the time - Thank you. 
We will continue updating this page when we can.

Subject:  Marena Sun Shower

Dear Marena Stud Team,

I have been lucky to own a Marena horse for the past 7 years now, Marena Sun Shower, better known as Bubbie was from your stallion Sun Puff.  I have never come across a pony or horse as beautiful and amazing as her, with such graceful movement.  She has taught me a million things going from a fairly unconfident rider to being able to tackle the most difficult of horses.  She will be turning 26 this year and only just retired from eventing, games, pony club, hacking and showjumping at the start of last year, finishing on placing second in her 3rd ever C grade eventing and being my transport for my year 12 Ball.  She now enjoying life in the paddock being spoilt and loved.  Thank you for breeding such a beautiful pony, she has been the highlight of my years!

Kind regards,

Kate O'Connell - Jan 2013

Marena Twilights in 2004

Subject:  Youngstock wanted

Hi there,

My name is Ally, I was the original owner of Twiggy (Marena Twilights) and sold her when she injured herself a few years back to Bonita Hancock. Since I have been unable to find a pony with the same movement!

I am looking to buy a young one (weanling, yearling preferably but will consider older dependant on movement) preferably grey or bay to show.

Any help you could give you be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

PS I have attached a few pics of Twiggy back in 2004.

 Alyssa Davis - May 2010

Sire:  Marena Sky Chief       Dam: Glenmore Highlights

Marena Twilights in 2004

Mikaela Spencer on Marena Freedom

From:  Sharron Spencer

Subject:  Marena Freedom


Just thought I would drop you a short note to let you know how one of your past babies is going.

... we have owed Sunny for about 12 months now and we love him to bits.  My daughter Mikaela who is 13 is his rider and they are getting along very well.

While showing is her main aim, she and Sunny have started dressage and even a little jumping. 

...  just wanted to let you know that he is well and extremely well cared for and loved.


Sharon - May 2010

Mikaela Spencer on Marena Freedom
Sire:  Sun Puff (imp)
Dam: Marena Captivate


My name is Mikaela Spencer and I own Marena Freedom aka Sunny.

I just thought you would like an update and decided to give you an email.

Sunny is now competing in three different disciplines - Showing, Dressage and Interschool.  He does extremely well in hacking and starting to rise in the dressage as we have advanced to Novice now.

Sunny is a pleasure to own as he has lots of character and a big persona.  At the end of the 2011 show season for Queensland, he will be sold due to the fact my legs won't stop growing. He is the best horse I have ever owned and a horse like him will never come again in my lifetime.

Mikaela - January, 2011

From:  Meg Gossert

Subject:  Future Marena Stud CHAMPION

Hi Lindy

I know you are away in Canberra at the moment, but I am sending this VERY important photo to you.

I hope you realize this is a future Marena Stud “Sydney Royal Show Champion Rider!!”

 Cop the hold on the rein!

 Best Wishes

Meg Gossert - February 2010

Pictured here is Meg's grandson Samuel having a lesson on Marena Goldmark with Lindy.
Sire:  Jedda Park Little Sunray      Dam: Marena Valetta

One of our smallest riders!

Sire:  Jedda Park Little Sunray
Dam: Marena Starbright


 Just dropping you a line after checking out your webpage yet again!  I decided to have another look after recently meeting another Marena horse at HRCAV TTT Show.

 I was the proud owner of Marena Flashdance, who no longer belongs to us but is a very happy and good looking 24 years old this year, and still carrying around little kids and still looking fabulous!

 Flash took me very far, and then went on to teach my little sister.  She went trail riding, showing, jumping and even made to eleventh place in the NSW PC State Dressage Championships in 2000.

 She is very special pony, and I can see from the other messages here she is not the only ones you have given to the world.

 Thankyou so much for breeding such a lovely little horse, who is loved by so many!

 Hope you enjoy the pics; I’m sure mum has more.


 Rebecca Fraser - January 2011

It was lovely to hear from Bruce after all these years. 

Bruce studied and rode with us for 8 months and since then we have watched his winning Show career with interest & pride.

From:  Bruce Falk

Subject:  Hello after many years

Dear Walkers,

Just doing some Googling to see how we are fairing in the Google ranks and my name appeared leading to your website.  Hope you are all well, I am now doing some real estate things. If you’re ever down my way please look me up.

Kind regards

Bruce J Falk

Rhondda Hunt & BobbyFrom:  Rhondda Hunt
Marena Khali progeny

Hello Maureen, Bruce and Lindy,

I thought you may be interested to see a few photos of my galloway Bobby (or Christmas Day - EFA reg. name) who is by Shifting, out of Marena Kahli.

Marena Kahli had been sold in foal, so you may not be aware of his existence.............
He was purchased as a 4 year old, by my husband Peter as a surprise Christmas gift for me in 2007.
He was down in condition and had barely been ridden since being broken in, but Peter knew his temperament was right, so he bought him.  .........

What a surprise to end all surprises when Bobby walked off the float!  I had dreamed of getting a horse for Christmas all my life and finally when I was 53 years old it happened!
When Peter walked Bobby off the float that Christmas morning I didn't think for one minute that the thin under-developed little Galloway would turn out 1/2 as good as he has.

He has gone Champion Show Hunter galloway at nearly every Aggi we attended, was top 10 first season Open Galloway at VAS 2009 (they didn't have a show hunter first season) and was Supreme ridden Show hunter at his first show this season.
ut perhaps even better, he has given me the enthusiasm to keep riding and has helped to fill the void I felt when I lost Ping (Opinion, colic surgery in November 2005).
He has proven to be a very good advertisement for Marena due to his fantastic temperament with so many people commenting on how sensible he is.

We are off to Melbourne Royal next week, and I am looking forward to getting out there again especially on a horse I know I can trust.

Hope all is well at the stud, and good luck with lots of healthy foals.

Rhondda Strafford (nee Rhondda Hunt) - September 2009

Sire:  Shifting       Dam: Marena Kahli

From:  Anica Schwabe

Subject:  Marena Skyflower

Hallo Marena Stud Team,

We are the owner of Marena Skyflower who is by one of you stallions Sky Chief.  She is now 17yo and we had her for the past 3 years mainly as a pleasure horse.

We are located in the beautiful Hunter Valley in Scone at Wakefield Stud and have flower or "Jasmine" here with us and she has been a great pleasure pony to have. 

I also have  attached a picture of her and her little 10yo rider Georgina Macintyre. Georgina thinks about competing her at Dunedoo and Cessnock Agriculture Show 2010.

Kind Regards
Anica - February 2010

Sire:  Marena Sky Chief       Dam: Marena Lilac Time

From:  Briohny Neild

Subject:  Marena Grey Skies (Marena Sky Chief and Marena English Rose)

Dear Walker Family,

I wanted to let you know about Marena Grey Skies and the life he now leads.

I was lucky enough to find him for sale in January of 2008.  At that time I had a 6 week old son Riley and a WILD 18mth old son Cody.  My previous pony whom I had had since I was 14yrs old and I lost to cancer aged 19yrs, one month before Cody was born in 2006.  I was desperately missing my riding but with so much on my plate I had to find the right pony.


A wonderful family, the Harkness', had him in Tintinara, about 2 hrs from Adelaide.  They had bought him as a turn over project 2 & 1/2 yrs earlier, but were struggling with parting with him.  The kids had all moved onto horses, but still pulled Sky out of the paddock for pony club, or the neighbour’s kids to ride.

Sky came to live with us in February 2008.  He immediately fitted in with family life.  We keep Sky on a couple of acres behind our house in a small town in the Adelaide Hills, called Woodside.  So he is essentially "in our back yard".  I am not sure if any Labrador could be in his blood, but he is more like a family dog than a pony.  The boys play in the paddock with him almost daily, kicking balls, digging holes, playing in the water.  But their favourite and mine is that they WANT to ride.  He knows and is very careful with the precious cargo.


Obviously Sky is my sanity also and has taken EVERYTHING I have asked of him in his stride.  I LOVE dressage and have taken him to as many Pony Dressage competitions as I can.  He is also a talented jumper and has been to quite a few Pony Club ODEs.  He has been taken to Polocrosse, Dressage clinic's, down the main street (and into the pub), to the local wineries, the beach, forest, local shows and friends houses. 


He brightens my day every morning and gives the best cuddles at night.
I wanted to thank you for helping to make a very busy Mum very happy, and I always proudly announce he is a "Marena" Bred pony whenever I am asked.  That question is usually followed by is he for sale??  Not a chance!  I would never let him go!!

Thank you again for my special boy
Briohny Neild
Woodside, SA - May 2009

Amy Porter on Dusty

From:      Amy Porter

Hi Lindy

Here are the photo of me with Dusty (Marena Outback) and my ribbon yesterday; they're awesome although I wish I'd known one of the curb reins was really loose compared to the other.

 Thanks for your help and instruction in getting me to the rider I am today, I couldn’t have done it without you and winning that ribbon yesterday was a dream come true!  Mum and Dad couldn’t believe that I came home with a ribbon from my first show.

 See you on Tuesday
Amy - September 2009

From:      Bronwyn and James Harvey

Subject:  pictures-Marena Night Sky

Hi Lindy, 

I spoke to you the other day regarding my daughter and getting her another Marena Pony to go on with in a few years.  We have one at the moment that we bought early last year.  He is starting to get a bit of age on him ... .  He has been an absolute gem for my little girl.  And who I can quite comfortably say can do it all!  From Showing, Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing, Games and hooning around the paddocks.

National Interschool Comp Queensland - Reserve champion Combined Training
 - 1st Team Dressage
 - 5th Individual Dressage
 - 5th Individual Showjumping
Barastoc Horse of the year - Champion Male Performance Pony 13hh- 14.2hh
PCAV State Champs - 1st Grade 3 dressage

He is fantastic!!!!!

Please find attached some photos of Emily and Marena Night Sky.

Yours sincerely
James (Emily Van Sons Beek)

Sire:  Marena Sky Chief       Dam: Marena Kahlua

Kier Ferrie on Marena Venture at RAS

It was great to receive an e-mail from Kier Ferrie in August 2010, who is in England on a working holiday.  Kier was one of our pupils all through her school years and also worked riding horses for us.  We miss her too.

Hi Lindy,

I am very sorry to hear that your little Amber has passed on, she was a perfect example of a what a child’s pony should be, tough but delicate enough to move with effortlessness and grace. She certainly embodied the true spirit of Marena Stud and that wonderful Walker Way that has touched so many, that is; hard work and staying grounded all amounts to wonderful partnerships and success. She will be dearly missed but has left such a wonderful legacy in her progeny..........

........On a work note, I was wondering if you guys were/have any Sky Chief semen frozen? If I do end up staying over here more permanently it would be certainly something I would like to consider, as in getting a couple of mares and breeding. I haven't looked into at all yet but it is certainly an idea I have been thinking about. What do you think?
I have been getting the newsletters, its great to hear what's happening  back home and its great to see the schoolies still providing so much enjoyment for the youngsters, they are irreplaceable that lot! Also great to hear the advanced ones have and are being so successful, a testament to your effort and dedication to schooling.
Well I best get back to some work I suppose!
I am having a wonderful time here but miss home everyday,
Lots of Love

Marena Conair ridden by Kealy Jepperson

The girls are having a ball on Stormy and Conair and had quite a successful show run out here this May. (the ponies weren't as fat as in the photos!!!!)

Got quite a surprise when Angus Lane called you at Emerald show to talk to you - he gives your stud quite the wrap.!!  Sara and Kealy were TRYING to compete at the time, but preferred to listen to you and Angus!!!!  They thought it was very special.

Julie Jeppesen - June 2006

Pictured at left, Marena Conair - Sire: Cedar Lodge Konrad, Dam: Glenmore Highlights

and at right, Marena Stormy Lass - Sire: Marena Sky Chief, Dam: Gloriana Stormy Lass

Marena Stormy Lass riden by Kealy Jepperson


This is my pony Tom Tom pony also known as Marena Amber Flare.  I have had Tom for 1 year now .

Tom and I do dressage and hacking also we compete at interschool level.

Tommy was sold to me as a second pony but my little brother rides him as well.

Tom and I have become best friends and I trust him with all my heart.


June 2006

Sire:  Weston Sun      Dam: Marena Amber Folly

Monique Martin holding Marena Amber Flare

Anthony Hurley riding Marena Freedom

Anthony Hurley and Allison Davieson are having a successful time with their galloway Marena Freedom (Sunny).  They purchased this horse at one of Marena Stud's auction sales when he was only a foal. He was used as a colt for a while before being gelded. 

At five shows recently on the Western run, Freedom won two Champions, two Reserve Champions and a Supreme Champion.  At NSW Arabian State Titles, Freedom won 1st in the Led and Ridden classes and Reserve Champion Galloway.  He also won Supreme Champion Led & Ridden ANSA at St Ives.

At left, Tony was captured by Narelle Wockner riding "Sunny" at Canberra Royal.


Sire:  Sun Puff (imp)      Dam: Marena Capitvate

Dear Maureen,

I have attached some recent photos of Max (who is by Shifting), I will wean him in two weeks and start prepping him for sale. ...

I have a lady in Tasmania currently looking at Max as a hack prospect which would be great.

He is a true delight and I hope to produce many like him in the future. ....

Well hope all is well.

Kind Regards
Amanda - Jindalla Park Stud
- April 2005
Sire:  Shifting

Jindalla Park Maximus,
more recently with his new owner

Thank you Jane Hinchley from up north, who sent this note about Marena Brave Dance:

Dear Maureen,

Photo of Brave first show appearance ridden by his new 73 year old owner Jill Kellock near Shepparton Victoria.  He's obviously gone to a loving home and caring owner.

Sincerely  -  Jane Hinchley - - April 2006

The photo on the left is Brave Dance as a 3 yr when he won Champion Gelding at Sydney Royal.  The Jakins family of Armidale purchased him as a yearling from us and he was very successful for them, winning many Champions and Supremes over the years for the Jakins girls.

It is great to hear news of our horses and how they give pleasure to their owners over many years.

Congratulations to Jill Kellock (at right) for riding so actively at her age - lucky Brave Dance -
Sire:  Wundarra Schyloe       Dam:  Marena Sundance

Tameeka, 4 years old, riding Moondust
- the day she bought her

Tiny Tameeka Woodbury riding Marena Moondust
 at a Pony Club Jamboree.

Sire: Weston Sun  Dam: Marena Goldust

Tameeka and Moondust at Raymond Terrace.
Tameeka is now 5 years old.

Hi Maureen,

Well I've been sitting up here in Kingaroy, wishing we could have attended your sale, really thought Sun Folly was lovely, good luck to the people who bought her.

The little mare Marena Amber Breeze that we brought from you almost 10 years ago  is such a great little mare who has produced  lovely foals.  All Amber Breezes foals have won at royal level either ridden or led and now she has her first colt Y.P. Standing Ovation who I'm Sure Will  do well too.

Breezes foal she had not long after her Y.P. Sunrise was kept as a brood mare as she was injured and her foal Y.P. Miss Nova will be out this season, looks so much like Marena Starflower, Ill send you a photo , and is so quiet.

Thank you Maureen for selling us Amber Breeze, she is a great little mare and we would never part with her, and have a great retirement.

Wayne Narelle Knapp
Yanjarra Park, Kingaroy - February 2006





February 2006


Sire:  Weston Sun       Dam:  Marena Amber Folly

Hi Maureen,
Rang Lindy to let you all know that (Marena) Conair has arrived 
and we think he's gorgeous! 
This is a photo of Kealy (our youngest daughter) who immediately 
thought he should be her pony...but he is actually for Sara....! 
Will keep in touch
Thank you
Julie Jeppesen 
July 2004

Sire:  Cedar Lodge Konrad       Dam: Glenmore Highlights

Marena Gala Sky
Marena Gala Sky
Sire:  Marena Sky Chief    Dam:  Marena Gala Breeze

Hi Lindy and Maureen,

Just a quick note to give you an update on Marena Gala Sky and Marena Breeze.

I have recently sold Breeze to a lovely family with two daughters aged 8 and  10 who adore Breeze.  She is also staying with me as they decided to agist her with me which was great as it was going to be hard to say goodbye to her, she is just so easy to have around.

Gala Sky has just started competing, attending a hack show and pony dressage comps.  I have never had a horse with so much character and he is always up to something.  I am having so much fun with him and the plan is to work towards elementary and medium for the pony dressage.

Attached is a couple of pictures of them both.

Hope all your family is well,
Melinda Burgess.
- July 2005

Marena Breeze by Sun Puff (imp)

Marena Breeze
Sire:  Sun Puff (imp)

SilverSky Gum - by MArena Sky Chief

Dear Mrs Walker,

I thought you might like these two photos for your website. Silver Sky Gum is the son of Marena Sky Chief and our Welsh Pony Mare Bolly Gum Hoya, who lived with you for some months when she was in foal.

Silver Sky Gum known as 'Nutty' is registered Australian Saddle Pony, APSB & as Part Welsh Gelding, as well as with the EFA and the Australian Endurance Association.

He is an excellent all-round pony and competes successfully in Pony Dressage, 1 & 2 day eventing, Endurance rides, Saddle Pony events and Part-Welsh Events, both led and ridden. He was part of the APSB Pony Team yarding challenge at Sydney Royal in 2003.

The photo's show him completing his first endurance ride, at the far south coast and jumping to fifth place at Kellyville Riding Club 2 day Event. He and my other pony, who placed sixth were the only two ponies to place in entire two-day event, which of course had nearly all horses competing. He has exceptional jumping ability, especially across country.

I hope you like the photos.

Yours faithfully,  Emily Smith - 15 years - November, 2003

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to wish Lindy all the best for the upcoming birth of her child and hope all goes well. Please do let us know what she has!

I have finally got the picture of Accolade winning at EFA HOY last year from Lorelle Mercer so I thought I would forward you a copy if you wanted to use it etc. If it doesn't come through it is also on my site as well.

Hope to see you all at Brisbane,

Kindest regards
Kristian & Emma Rudder

July 2003


Marena Accolade is by Marena Sun Puff (imp) from the Royal Show Champion Mare, Marena Elegance.

Sire:  Sun Puff (imp)

Dear Maureen
Hope you like the pic of Tas (Marena Tasman).  He's a real puppy dog, we love him dearly.  Unfortunately we have to find a new owner for him as my daughter ... can no longer ride competitively....  Hope to see Tas in the winners circle soon, he is a bundle of talent just waiting to be unleashed!  Have had a huge response from Horse Deals Magazine so I will endeavour to place him with the best home.

Hope little Luke is doing fine,

Kindest Regards,
Viola Briedis - December 2003

Hi Lindy,
Further about our conversation about Tasman today, I thought I'd send you some pics of him at our place here. .... My 13yo daughter has never had a problem with him either on the ground or in the saddle.

Well Lindy, what can I say, there really aren't words in the English language to describe this gorgeous, talented boy.  I've had horses all my life and never had one quite like him.  We have just started doing natural horsemanship with him and he picks everything up in about a minute.  Is there anything he can't do???

Many thanks, Viola. - April 2003

Marena Night Sky performing Dressage

Dear Marena Stud,

I own the wonderful Marena Night Sky (Ponee).  He is the best pony I have ever had. When we go to competitions he always wins.

In 2003 Ponee got classified by the ACE group  from Germany for the Australian Sports Pony Registry.   Ponee was the first pony in Australia that the registered.

Also Ponee won the APSB Performance Pony Award 2004 and he got a really pretty Garland.


Thank you for breeding such a great pony...

From Juliette, Monica & Ponee


P.S.  Do you have any foals by Marena Sky Chief and Marena Kahlua? - (Night Sky's sire and dam)

Marena Night Sky jumping at Treehaven


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