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NEWSLETTER – June, 2005

 Hello everyone!

Winter time is here! - it is almost the shortest day of the year, 21st June.  What a wonderful Autumn we have had, good rain to make the grass grow and lovely warm days for riding.

The big news, of course, is that Lindy has had her baby, a little girl, Keeley Walker Johnson, born on 27th April at Nth. Gosford.  Although Keeley was very strong and healthy things did not go well for she and Lindy for a few weeks, but things seem to be settling down now.  Luke is very happy with his new sister and wants her to play with him – it is a bit soon Luke!

Sydney Royal

We went with a smaller number of horses to Sydney Royal this year as Lindy was 8 months pregnant and did not ride.  We were helped by Kath Jones, Tanya Edwards, Gittan Inglis, Rosa Hollows, Kristie Nicholls, Jarrod Ashbrook, Alex Keith and Nikki Melrose.  Rosa was a great help looking after Luke who was very busy trying to “help”.

Competing were Sarah McMillian, Jared Ashbrook, Dana Anderson, Brook Higgins, Nell and Will Evans as well.

Nell Evans had a very good show.  She won 1st in a very big Turnout Class and was 3rd in her riding class behind two girls that have won several Royal Champions.  Later in the show she was 5th in the Aust Stock Horse Junior Judging competition.  She took home a total of 9 ribbons from Sydney.  Nell is hoping to compete at Brisbane and Melbourne Royals also in the Spring.

Nell Evans continues her run of success.  In 4 shows she has won 4 Champion Girl Riders and 7 Horse Championships this year with her horses Marena Memories and Thompsons Destiny.  Nell lives in Bowral and comes all the way up here for lessons, that says a lot for her dedication and hard work to say nothing of the effort her parents Gary and Andrea put in.  Well done the Evans.

Gosford Agricultural Show was on the 16th and 17th April ’05 - Central Coast & Lower Hunter Assoc. ran the horse section again this year and made a tidy profit for the Club which helped the Club to make their yearly donation to the Fred Hollows Foundation and the Starlight Foundation.  Lindy did not compete there this year as she was waiting for her baby to arrive.  Any riders wanting to join this Association should contract Kath Jones, the Secretary on 02-99991540.

Fran’s Wedding  some of you will remember Fran Huerlimann, the Swiss girl who came to ride with us whilst she was in Australia as an exchange student, then she came back again the next year to stay with us.  She used to ride at Shows and Royals with us – an experience she said few Swiss people ever have the opportunity to do due to the expense of owning a horse in Europe.

Fran is getting married to Lucas on 25/6/05 and has invited us to the wedding we were all heading off to celebrate with her.  Unfortunately Lindy is not feeling up to the trip now with 2 babies so she, Luke and Keeley will not be going.  Bruce, our own son Peter and I are leaving for Switzerland on 14/6/05 for two weeks.

THREE-DAY SCHOOLS  - Three Day Schools will be run in the school holidays, bookings are being taken for these Schools now.  Please book early to ensure a place in the School especially if you want one of our school horses.  Ring  0418 433710  or  4352 1707

 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - 4th, 5th, and 6th July, 2005      10.00 am to 4.00 pm

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - 11th, 12th, and 13th July, 2005      10.00 am to 4.00 pm

We start to ride at 10.00 am so you need to be her early to get your horse ready and we finish riding at 4.00 pm then clean up your horse and put it away.  Bring your lunch, at lunchtime we open “the shop” for drinks and iceblocks.

The Schools are wonderful training, not only in riding, but horsemanship as well which is so important for a good outcome and the children have fun too!

One Day Starter Schools     10.00 am to 3.00 pm

This year we introduced a new type of School – a One Day Starter School.  This is for our beginner pupils that have not yet reached the safety standard of riding required to join our regular Three Day Schools.  The ones run in April were very successful and pupils improved remarkably.

Make inquiries from Lindy of the next date for this School.

Lessons   Regular lessons are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and Saturday morning during school time.  Lessons if required during the school holidays must be booked at different times.

After the holidays regular lessons should begin again when school goes back, the commencement date will be Tuesday 19th July.

P PP P Lesson Special   Pupils of the same family having lessons in the same week will get a $5 discount on the second lesson.  Pupils having more than one lesson per week will also get this $5 discount.

Our web site gets lots of praise.  Have you looked us up?  Unfortunately our son Peter who puts the information up there has been working away from home so there has not been a change for some time consequently the latest results of our riders have not been updated.

Do not forget to look us up on the Internet to see photos of your favourite horses and see how your fellow pupils are progressing at the shows.

Website  .                        Email is:

Lots of love and best wishes to all our pupils and their families.

Lindy and Mrs Walker


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